Welcome, sort of...

A picture of myself...


so you've managed to get lost on the internet and somehow find yourself stranded on my website. Congratulations -- an outstanding achievement so far.

This site is some kind of a self-centric vanity personal homepage thingy -- something that I normally find particularly despicable. Yep, I do see the irony here, but there needs to be some place on the web to put up one's resume, doesn't it?

Actually, this site is pretty sparse on content, so you might not exactly find what you were looking for. Still, if you're comfortable with that, you may as well take some time and look around.

Should you have mastered the English language better than I have, please feel free to send in any mistakes you found -- preferrably with a correction in unified diff format against the page source -- to the mail address you'll find on this page.

Some Personal Notes

This might be just about the right place to introduce myself. My name is Danilo Kempf and my only claim to fame is that I once was the number one hit on Google when searching for butt ugly. Pretty sad, isn't it? (Don't ask me how I found out -- that one's even sadder...) Well, luckily some cartoon TV series seems to have taken that top spot right now. Phew ;-)

Other than that there's not too much to tell that would either meet or exceed some arbitrary definition of borderline exciting. I work as a software developer for Wolfsburg based TE-SYSTEMS where I spend most of my time developing Voice over IP protocol stacks. XCAPI is the most visible product having come out of my efforts there -- at least 50% of the code in there is mine. So if something goes wrong with it, you can be pretty sure that I'm the one to blame. Ugh. If you need to know more about that, I've even made a page about it. Go figure!

Not to forget, in the past I did some other work some might consider interesting.

About This Site

This site should be viewable with just about any browser. If it isn't, that's a bug, so drop me a line. It might look somewhat crappy in Netscape or Lynx, but you should at least have no difficulties in getting to the content.

Behind the scenes all pages are written in pure XML, based on a simple Schema definition that fits my needs. Every requested document then has an XSLT template applied server-side which converts it into what should amount to valid XHTML. Spiffy, eh?

By the way: Most of these pages are available in German, too. So if you prefer that and somehow missed the buttons at the very top of this page, click here.